Opposite are still images from an animated moving image work, Kiss (2000), a collaboration between Pernille Spence & John Scott.

Kiss was first shown at the artist run space, Generator Projects as part of an exhibition, An Invitation to Kiss, which explored the role of the kiss across different cultures, politics and religion. 

Caz McIntee writes about this particular work in the exhibition catalogue:

“Kiss actively redirects the historical interpretation and saturated media critique surrounding Rodin's iconic sculpture, 'The Kiss'. It illuminates the contrast of manipulation and the accessibility of change juxtaposed with the solid rigidity of marble as a medium. Spence & Scott's conceptual route teases the embraced couple into a sexually charged struggle, clearly subverting Rodin's dominant male, submissive female cliche. The meticulously morphed projection seems to defy the arts (with specific reference to the canonistic sculptural stone carving tradition) immemorial desire for permanence. Yet paradoxically the looping of the work throws me headlong towards notions of the permanent. The animation and circuitous loop somehow effortlessly transports me way back, B.C. style, to Greek Mythology, specifically to the enduring and fatalistic legend of Sisyphus.”

Kiss was part of 'An Invitation to Kiss' which took place at Generator Projects and 'Infinitude', at the Glasgow Museum of Modern Art.