Not My Tomorrow


Not My Tomorrow

Not My Tomorrow was a 4 day durational performance based on personal accounts, texts and poetry from those that have lost their freedom, and the power to influence their own fate, because of a commitment to pursuing creative practices that can often reveal uncomfortable truths about dominant political powers.  In Not My Tomorrow the focus is on prisoners of conscience (recent & current) that have been imprisoned because of their creative pursuits such as artists, writers, poets, filmmakers, musicians etc. 

For 14 hours each day I was confined to a 1m square/1.8m high glass box where each panel of glass was painted an opaque black.  Over the 4 days I scratched the names of these prisoners into the paint and the reasons for their arrest.  The duration of each sentence was revealed through the use of tally mark scratches. Interspersed were short texts relating to experiences of such extreme confinement.  As the marks on the glass panels grew, the light from inside the box began to spill out, gradually lighting up the darkened gallery space.

Not My Tomorrow was a commission for the Cupar Arts Festival 2013. Photo stills from the installation were exhibited at Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh as part of the Leith School of Art, 25 Years Alumni Exhibition, May 2014.

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Photographs by Rob Page @ scheduledproductions